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The key to a good soil sample is taking a represtentative sample.
A minimum of 10-12 cores see picture ->

Avoid contamination of fertilizers and lime. If samples are taken within 4 weeks of fertilizer or lime applicatons they will be contaminated. 

Properly identify the sample by marking the bag with a customer name or number and/or place or location of the sample. 

pH only tests $6.00 + tax*
This test is recommended before applying lime to lawn or garden. Only with a pH test can you determine the need, if any for lime. 

Full testing $28.50 + tax*
Ideal test for high managed turf (lawns) such as golf courses. 

The test is recommended when seeding, sodding,sprigging or installing new plants. 

Test includes:pH, buffer pH, Available phosphorus, exchangeable Potassium Calcium, Magnesium, Cation Exchangeable Capacity and Percent Saturation with recommendations for nitrogen, phosphate, potash, magnexium and lime based on plant type and use. 

The above can be dropped off at 
Beaty Hardware  650 Wildwood Ave Cleveland TN  with your contact information

If you want an on site visit, soil sampling and consultation, the price is $75 + tax. Contact Beaty Fertilizer 423 472 5491.